Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taiwanderland-Part 3

I was in Tainan on my 3rd day in Taiwan. The local Taiwanese Lion's group entertain us for the trip in Tainan and basically they arrange everything from site seeing to local historical museum and farm which was our last destination in Tainan before we headed back to Taipei again.

Early morning after we woke, me and sis decided to camwhore again, AS USUAL. =P

Soon after that,we departed from our hotel and headed to a place where i see big statues and ships. I dont exactly know where am i going as the tour guide was speaking in some weird mandarin and even i dont understand what i she saying. O.o

One big statue known as Goddess of the Sea, believed to protect the fisherman and anyone who live by the sea side.
After that, we shifted to a place where they make ship. This part is kinda boring though, i dont know why they took us here, perhaps they want us to built one our own and put in Port Klang?? >.<

The body of the semi-finished wooden ship. Somehow the ship's structure is inspired by human's rib bones.

A whole view of the semi-finished ship. I was told it cost almost 5 million ringgit. O.o I wonder what kind of wood they used to built the ship, because its kinda expensive though for a wooden ship.

My uncle and aunty trying to imagine what would be like to pose like rose and jack in the movie Titanic. LOL

Me with Mr. Lu. He is the most entertaining person i had even known in my life. He brought us to a lot of places in Tainan and the night market also. The night market consisted of 800 stalls and because of him, we manage to try almost 80% of the local foods in the night market. xD

Me and my so call Father in law. HAHAHA..


Me and sister on the bus after a long day of walking.

After that, we went to a local historical museum.

I dont really know what musuem we are in though, i just know how to take more and more pictures only. haha..
After the musuem, we went to a farm which is located on a hill top. The journey almost took us an hour as the farm is far from the city. As u know, farm in Taiwan is so much different than the ones in malaysia. In Taiwan, the farm is actually a holiday destination, where people can come to the farm in stay in the chalet for a few days. Its something like cameron highlands in malaysia.

We get to try some local vegetables during our lunch, though it wasnt so tasty, but at least its healthy. xD

The not so healthy pork belly. O.o

My dad giving a speech on his trip down Taiwan.

A view on top from the restaurant of the farm.

Chalet like hotels where people can rent and stay for holidays. =)

A view from the hill.
We went back to Taipei right after our farm trip, as usual, we took the high speed railway to get back to taipei.
Soon after we reach Taipei, we went to Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world.

Dinner of the day, we came down from Taipai too late and every shops have closed down, except for MCD. Though i wanna try what their MCD taste like, to my surprise, they taste EXACTLY the same. No surprise. hahahahhaa...

-The End-

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taiwanderland- Part 2

I just got back from KL yesterday, so now only i have the time to update about my Taiwan trip. xD I went to KL on Sunday and drove back on Monday night, ho liao bo?? hahaha..

Ok, lets get back to my wonderful Taiwan trip. The next morning after we reach Taipei, we woke up early in the morning because we are rushing to Tainan to meet up with the Lion's group of Taiwan at the railway station.

So before we headed to the Taipei Train Station ,which is about 10 minutes of walking distance from the hotel i stayed, we had breakfast in a restaurant somewhere nearby the hotel.

The breakfast was provided by the hotel but they couldnt serve it at their hotel, in stead they provide coupons for us to eat it somewhere else. O.o

Me and sister posing outside of our hotel. The street looks so empty on an early morning of Sunday. xD

Another picture of us inside the restaurant, i know i look stoned, tak cukup tidur lagi la, the bed was too comfortable ady..haha..

Sister's breakfast. Local black coffee and french toast.

My breakfast, ham sandwhich and a cup of freshly brewed cappucino. xD

After breakfast, we walk around Taipei city for a while and took some pictures around the city.

Me and sister in front of a road intersection and you can see the building behind is the Taipei Train Station, our next destination. xD

At around 9pm, we check out of the hotel and walk to the train station again with our luggage on hand. Once again, people there keep looking at us again, wondering are we running away from Ah Long, or are we some weird traveler who keeps walking around with our luggage. O.o

Took thise photo outside of the train station.

7 eleven inside the train station. The 7 eleven there is so much better than the ones in malaysia , they even serve breakfast and fresh coffee, unlike the ones in malaysia, apa shit pun takde. =(

Taking pictures inside the departure hall. =)
The journey from Taipei to Tainan is about 4 hours if your taking the bus. But lately, the Taiwanese government has launch the new High Speed Railway Train that cut short the journey to merely just 1 and the half hour.
Though the journey is shorter by 2 hours , but the ticket is very expensive too. It costs about 250 ringgit for a single person to travel from Taipei to Tainan and back to Taipei again.
My train ticket. xD

I am cutting my sister's head. =P
Me play with mum's head while waiting for the train. haha.
Finally, we boarded the train at around 10.15 am and the train moves 15 minutes later. Next stop, TAINAN. =D

Pictures outside the train.

Me and wannabe papa. xD

Another pictures inside the train.
Scenery along the way to Tainan.
And another picture.
Finally, after 1 and the half hour, we finally reach our destination, Tainan.=)
Everybody is busy packing their own stuff and taking their own luggage after getting off the train.
Inside Tainan's train station. People busy buying tickets to get to their next destination.
After that, we walk out through the exit area of the train station. And by that time, I can see a lot of people standing at the exit of the train station welcoming us, with a huge banner writing" WELCOME TO TAINAN". They are from the Lion's group of Tainan and they will be our intertainer for our Tainan trip this time. xD
They brought us for lunch after fetching us from the train station, and below are the pictures of the local taiwanese food where u cannot find in malaysia. xD
Roast pork thingy, taste a bit different than those normal pork u tried in malaysia
Soup made from chicken and bamboo.
Local Loh mee.

Duck meat with glutinous rice.

Scallop seafood soup.
Due to some missing photos from the stupid blogger uploader, i cant continue my bloging anymore for the things that happen after the lunch.... ARGHHHHHH... FUCK YOU blogger..FUCK YOU BIG TIME... o0o

-The End-