Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Night Out

It has been quite some time since i last went to a club and have a drink. So last saturday was a good opportunity as it was mu's birthday and my sister asked me to join her, so since i had nothing to do, so might as well i go la.

Sakai followed me to Opiumm in Jaya One.

We were too bored. :P

I am squeezed between two ladies. xD

Sakai actually danced on the dance floor and she sure has some hidden talent.
After a while, Xiang joined us in Opiumm after his work, so had a few drinks and in the end, try to look at his palm.

Sakai(left), Xiang , and me.

Now look at his face pula, it was so red to the point that he looks like guan gong and he starts to speak in a weird english accent, its so damn funny. xD

Sakai was a bit tipsy too, but she was still sober in the end. I think i didnt get enough booze, but because both of them half gone dah, so had to go back already.

I get the sakai's kiss, how lucky. Hehehehe.... xD

Monday, September 7, 2009

i have a very funny dad. =_____="

So the story began when i went back to alor star for my holiday last week. My mum just had an operation on her leg so she cant join us for dinner.

In stead of eating somewhere far from the house, we opted to eat in a shop nearby.

So me, ade and my dad went to this bak kut teh place to have our dinner.

When we were sitting down, i talk to my dad about PS3, so here it goes

Me:" Di(dad), are you going to buy the new game?"

Dad:" *one hand on the table while the other is holding his chin while his eyes are "floating" somewhere else" ........"

basically he ignored me la.

Fine, so i asked the same question again

My dad continues to look in other direction again while the distance between us is like 10 cm. =.=

I asked the last time and still, he doesnt gives respond to me.

Finally, here comes the "funny" part.

I asked:" Di, is your brain here with you?"

Dad:" No"

how funny can my dad be?? =_____="