Monday, June 15, 2009

I am jobless !! =D

Ok ok, I admit that I AM VERY JOBLESS because i have nothing to do now, so i uploaded some really random photos. xD

I stalk her !
and AGAIN.
Theeee Sakai.

Theee sakai's dude. xD Btw, that dessert is chocolicious and its really delicious and u can eat it in DELICIOUS. hahaha.
Sakai enjoying her ice cream. xD

She is waiting to eat. =P

-The End- i am officialy the most jobless people on earth. hahaha..

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Unsung " MANGO"

After every meal, we would just savour the delight of having a dessert to tantalize our taste bud. Mango is a perfect choice for dessert, because its sweet.

Ok, sometimes its sour, but most of the times its sweet, and who doesnt love sweet stuffs? i like sweet stuffs, but not too sweet of course. *unlike someone who loves super sweet stuffs, later diabetes only u know =P*

There is a dessert shop in bangsar which they took mango as their theme, for food, for yogurt and their name as well. That is why they are known the MANGO MANIA. U go crazy, maniac over mangoes. hahaha.

Located just opposite a bank and just walking distance from bangsar village 2, so its quite convenient after a whole day of shopping, mango mania is quite a good place for hang out or pit stop before u galore around the boutiques there.

Theeee Mango Mania. xD

Though located very strategic at the heart of bangsar village and all other shophouses, there is no business in the shop. Not that its totally empty, but just a very limited amount of customer. Everytime i passed by Mango Mania, its surely empty inside or perhaps just a few tables.

So i decided to try out the ice cream or whatsoever dessert they served there to check out wether it tasted that bad to not have business at all. The most 10 tables a day. O.o

The menu and food they serve. Mango crepe, fish and chips in mango tartar sauce and mango smoothies.
But the one i am gonna recommend is this mango yogurt ice cream. It is really nice and the mango is really tasty. Not too sweet, but jusssssssst NICE.

The mango yogurt that looks like a pile of shit. xD
It cost about rm 9.50 for a serving that size, so its really affordable for the amount of mango they serve and yogurt and its in BANGSAR. =D

The sakai who recommended me this place, if it wasnt for her, i dont think i will try it out. hehe.. xD * world most sakai punya orang whom i love very much*
-The End-

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have you My Breakfast-ed in Old Town Cafe this morning?

Though i think i am not very particular or fussy to the point that i choose to not eat this and that but at least i need some proper food.

The staff food in Opiumm is just inedible, sometimes they just look like dog food, u know those kind of leftover food where u can just see rice and noodle being fried together in a weird manner, they are just simply inedible.

So this morning before i went to work, i decided to try out the new Old Town Cafe's breakfast set which was widely promoted by the radio station, so why not have a try and its kinda cheap though.

I went to the Old Town Cafe that is located in Jalan Klang Lama, it was rather packed although its only 10am in the morning.

The new breakfast menu that Old Town came out with. Looks quite tempting though, not the food, but the price.

Set 1 includes two pieces of toast bread with butter, 2 half boiled Omega eggs and a cup of freshly brewed Kopi O.

Set 2 comes with one plate of mee hoon and one cup of Kopi O too, but u can add 1 ringgit to change your Kopi O to white coffee, quite a good bargain though. =D

Set 3 includes one plate of nasi lemak classic and a cup of Kopi O.
Set 4 and Set 5 each serves noodle soup and American breakfast. The most expensive of the 5 sets only cost about 7 ringgit after tax, which is consider cheap if u were to have breakfast around KL.

Toast bread with butter.

Set 1

Set 2

The list of the food that we ordered.

Finally we had our sumptuous breakfast for the day and i am ready for work, while she is ready for her exam. xD

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ze Plastic Surgeon. !!

Last two week after i came down from genting, my cousin brother, xiang had some weird pain around his ear and its obstructing him from getting sleep, so in the end we decided to go and see the doctor to get his ear pain cured.

While i was waiting for him when he went inside the doc's room, i walk around the hospital and i found this green huge board which writes all the names of the doctors there, and one particular name attracted me the most. xD

A far view of the green board.
Chiang chiang chiang chiangggggggg, DR CHEONG YOU WEI, a plastic surgeon.
Hmmmmph, mr you wei, so your a secret plastic surgeon hiding yourself in uniten huh???
No wonder your so good looking, i cant believe u actually did plastic surgery on yourself. Haih, dissapointed with you la. HAHAHAHA.

The very smart and good looking Mr Wong You Wei. Okla, i was just joking, he is not a plastic surgeon and he is good looking by natural course, and of course he is very smart too, future PM perhaps Mr Wong??? xD