Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pho Hoa in the Curve

Last week i went to the Curve with Ade to have our lunch and at the same time get our hammy, monkey and piggy, but unfortunately, piggy left us 5 days later. =(

So basically i was kinda hungry when we got there at around 3 smtg in the evening, we ate our breakfast kinda late, so we got hungry kinda late too.

We decided to try out this noodle house in Curve which is quite secluded and i think not many ppl know its existence in the Curve even though its been there for ages. LOL.

This particular noodle house is call Pho Hoa, its a vietnamese restaurant that serves delicious beef noodle, which i reckon has the best beef noodle i have ever tasted in Malaysia, except for the braised beef noodle in Taiwan, which was orgasmic. hahaha...!!

A snapshot of the food and me. xD

The yummylicious beef noodle with its side dishes, which is bean sproud and some weird mint taste like veggie. O.o

Another picture of the legendary long lost beef noodle. I am just being random.. LOL.

Waiting for my food. xD

Vietnamese drip coffee, a must try if your a coffee lover, it gives the coffee taste that u will never ever find in other coffee shops, including starbucks or old town. *thumbs up*
The food is rather cheap in Pho Hoa with the amount of meat and beef balls they served. The normal portion is about 12 ringgit and the large portion comes about 15 ringgit, which is very affordable.
The drip coffee only cost 5 ringgit and it tasted so much better than starbucks or coffee bean or what so ever coffee that is available.
Pho Hoa restaurant is located on the ground floor along the Street. If i am not mistaken, the shop is located somewhere behind of TGI fridays, its worth visiting though. =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Take a wild guess.

See the boy in picture with a cute little baby girl? Take a guess, wether is that his young sister or his daughter??

Alfie patten with baby Maisie.

Cute little baby with her "papa" or kor kor?? LOL