Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New updates will be very soon, pls bare with me.. xD

I am currently having 3 tests coming up in the following week, so i couldnt find much time for the update, but i promise updates will be up soon i finished my exam...

p.s: i HATE thermodynamics so much, but yet, i have to LOVE it too... =.=

Monday, February 16, 2009


Yippie, the bugger that went across europe, madasgascar, egypt, some weird hospital mentioned in nic's blog is now back here again.. =D

I think i am addicted to blogging in some way, its either i wanna share with everyone what 's happening around me or my randomness feeling has increased?? Either one, who cares anyway...LOL..

So what am i blogging today? Is it because i struck the lottery? found a wife? found a bag of million dollar cash by the road side?

NEH, its just purely because cousin just got his CAT result today, so he suddenly told me " Let's drink tonight, lets buy ice cubes later". Me with my sudden random looks and told him" Need bo??"

So did we drink anot???


Bacardi with kickapoo ( bet nick would need one now) LOL...

yam seng.... XD

liquor we had in our house( enough to make u drunk kao kao)

adding liquor

adding mixer (kickapoo)

cousin started to drink already, face merah dah..Lol..
In the end, i end up drinking 4 glasses only, why??? because he went to sleep at 9.30pm after drinking a few. I actually plan to make him drunk and take videos of him doing stupid stuffs, but his alchohol tolerance kinda low, head dizzy dah...HAHAHA.... PLAN FAIL... :P

Finally, a random pictures of me drinking, and i am not drunk k... =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first ever valentine's day outings, with 3 pretty girls (ironically)

Hey hey yo yo, has been closed for a couple of months due to maintenance service, the owner went to somewhere around the world, and now HE is back, are you guys happy or what?? HOHO.. =p

Yesterday was valentine's day, so I went out with my girlfriend, bring her to tamarind hills for a candle light dinner, bought her a bouque of red roses, surprise her with a tiffany charmed bracelet and finally we went to top hill side to enjoy out romantic night watching stars and moons........WAIT, by now for those who knew me must have thought what the hell am i up to, when did i have a gf( anonymus) and how well and i plan my valentine's huh??

Apparently, i did not do all those mention above, in stead i went out with 3 PRETTY GIRLS...woooot.....hahaha....( any guys who is any of the above's admirer please spare my life, i am just sooooo innocent.. =D)

So, i started the day by fetching xiao qing from her house in uptown and we headed to Mid Valley to meet Renee and Wan shin, and YES, we are all single and available, so COME AND GET US... :P hahaha....

we watch "CHANGELING", and wanted to buy tickets for LOOK FOR A STAR, but apparently the people watching movie on yesterday was toooo OVERWHELMING, as though as its free, the queue was so long, that i think they have to wait 1 hour just to get infront of the counter and to get the sales person to tell u, I AM SORRY SIR, EVERYTHING IS SOLD

After movie, we headed to Itallianse for out dinner, we booked at 9 o clock, wtf, we still have to wait before we go in and people still have to wait.

While waiting for Renee and Wan Shin to meet us( they went to buy SOMETHING for SOMEONE) * evil grin*, me and xiao qing decided to cam whore a little.. =D

Trying to look pathetic because we are singles on that day...

Trying to look SAD( single, available and desperate), but xiao qing was lauging like a mad girl. O.o

Now its her turn to look SAD.

okok, we know both of us are bunch sakai's or jakuns( some jakun taught me the term, :P), but it was really bored waiting for our turn, many others were all in couples and although we went together, people starting to look at us in a weird way, thinking we both maybe too hyper ady.. =.="
Finally at around 9.10pm, MISS RENEE's name was called by the captain and i think i shouted "YES" too loud, everybody started look at us again,thinking why are we so hyper, macam budak kampung saje, malu giler
In the end, Renee and Wan Shin joined us after a while, and we started to camwhore again, even without ordering the food yet, and i am already starving like a mad cow... =.="

Renee and Wan shin( trying to make her face look small, :P)

The three princess that went out with a Prince on a lovely day.. AHEM... :P

me and xiao qing, i think i am way too hungry already( where the hell is my bloody food and where are all those waiters??)

Finally after around 20 minutes, our appetizer has arrive. If i am not mistaken, i think this is somekind of CLAM stuff( dont remember the name), i know probably u will say it looks like some LALA in hawkers food, but its NICE, too nice that we didnt have enough of it. Of course la, with people like wan shin there, how to cukup??? HAHAHAHA... ( she is gonna kill me if she sees this)

clam thingy

Pizza valentine, aka HEH pizza

Our very first main course came after 10 minutes of the arrival of our clam thingy, it is known as PIZZA VALENTINES, made out of shrimp and cheese, it was just so so only lo, but the HEH( udang) taste very cukup, so cukup HEH la, overall not bad la..haha..

Did i see how renee enjoyed her pizza and how's wan shin's expression was like?? Renee probably would be posing and saying how nice the pizza is and wanshin complaining( heh pizza also ho chiak, wtf). hahaha...okok, i LIED, wan shin didnt say that, just i like to make her look like she said that..haha..

now its miss XQ turns to show off with her HEH pizza.

Lamb shank
Yeah, the long awaited second main course came, braised lamb shank. Lamb shank has been my favourites all this while, so whats my comment on this?? 5/10 i would give for that pity lamb shank. It meat was wayyy too hard for a BRAISED lamb shank, wtf...haha...
Me being the gentleman, did the job and cut those lamb for my princesses and they too enjoyed the lamb, which was...ermm... SO SO la..haha..

me and wan shin( trying to make the face look small again)
After that, we had our desert, but we were to patientless to wait for us to take pictures. In a matter of few minutes, its MISSING already...LOL...
JFI, we had tiramisu, but the icing was melting, so it rather taste weird, but yet i am not a big fan of cakes, so i got no comment on that. Miss Renee keep insisting how nice and how delicious is the cake in ALEXIS, but i always think that the food there is PURELY rubbish, maybe, perhaps, the cakes are nice, who knows..haha...

me and miss Renee :)

Dont know why am i doing that post and renee lauging.. hmmph..

Taking pictures with two leng luis ( so honoured).hahaha..

girls camwhoring too.. XD

our group photos, thanks to a nice waiter dude.. =)

We left the restaurant around 11.oo pm and we did take photos outside Itallianese, i think i look like a PIMP...bwahahahaha.....
me:' girls, u better work hard for me tonight, i have already treated u all on a lovely valentine's night, i sacrifise my time for my gf too"
girls:" Yes, mr EWE, we will work hard tonight. =D" ( fiction aswer)
girls:" SCREW YOU..... 0O0" ( real answer)
you cant imagine how mean this bunch of girls can be, they kenakan me kao kao lo, i am so
speechless at times...haha... =)

random photo outside of ALEXIS
Finally, we teman wan shin to go find taxi and the poor girl kena RM35 for a ride back from Mid Valley back to Cheras, wtf , and we kinda pursuaded her to take the taxi, so i feel kinda guilty.. =(
I sent both the princess back to their houses and i headed home to.... STUDY , because i have exam on Sunday, so i need to buckle up a bit, if not i fail later, GG dah...hahaha..
Till next time, we shall meet again....
p.s nick the happy blogger is now gone for a moment, i know he will be back in a while, so i help him post a bit for now...haha... STAND UP NICK, WALK LIKE A MAN, i always got your back. To someone who is having a hard time too, I AM ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE, i will back u up no matter what happens, you'll never walk alone... =D CIAOZ...