Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bored oh bored!!

It's been quite sometime since i last updated my own blog rather than me scrolling through other's blog. I am just too lazy to upload pictures and write stuffs, been busy with too many tests and quizzes which will never end.

So now i am having my holiday back in my home town, and since i am too bored to do anything else while my dad is playing call of duty with his PS3( how many dads out there who still play games anymore???), i decided to update my blog with the pictures i had in my phone, which looks like some scattered event happening in my life. ;)

So i went to Brussels in Jaya One to had their Hoegaarden beer, which i reckon was the smooth es and best beer i had, though some thinks that its too light and don't have the beer taste that a beer is supposed to have or what ever that means, hoegaarden is still so much better. xD

One full pint of Hoegaarden.

The size of the full pint, which is rather big, but definitely you wont stop at the first pint, you will just crave for more and more which turns out like the dude in the picture who had 2 and a half pint and was quite tipsy bitsy already. Lucky him, his gf could drive. xD

Chin jen loong after 2 and the half pint of beer i think??

Had dinner in Opiumm and a couple mugs of extra cold Carlsberg beer, which is a super thirst quencher if your really thirsty.

Me and sakai after our dinner, xiang had two mugs of beer too that night and was driving quite fast after that. :P

Despite the driver was a little bit tipsy, perhaps just a bit la, we still manage to arrive home safely. =D
Last week i went to watch two movie in The Curve, district 9 and the orphan. The orphan is amazing and everyone should watched it.
Had dinner in Waroeng Penyet and tried their chicken penyet thingy which turns out to be not bad, something for a change than the usual tgif, chilis and itallianes. O.o

Indon-made cendol.

Ayam goreng Penyet and ayam panggang.

Crumpled kok kok kai???

Roast chicken, the meat was soft even though its breast meat, taste wise not bad, but easily forgettable. The ketchup for the chicken was something special though, sakai loves it. xD

Sakai with her " cut your balls off" post. xP
We had dinner in Paddington house of pancakes in Mid valley, and the food turns out to be quite a disappointments, or maybe just i don't like the idea of mixing pancake with chicken and prawn or ham?? O.o

Last but not least, my horny little hammy. His girl friend is pregnant and just gave birth to two babies, hope that the babies are okay, so does potato. :D