Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spot the Difference

Look at those photos and spot the difference between both hand...

left hand

right hand

both hand

-The END-
P.S i just finished my finals and i am free for 3 whole months, so anybody got any job wanna intro me please call me...haha... xD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nicholas Now Numb ( Triple N) xD

Its been a while since i last updated my blog, and siew suen complaint that i update about myself nia, never update about friends de.... OKLO, now i update about friends stuffs lo..Hahaha..

I choose this as my topic after reading nic's latest post about Triple T, so i pick Tripel N la, since the main interest today is about Mr. Nicholas Heng ( dont angry ha) ....LOL..

So basically during our trip to langkawi, me and others planned to make nicholas drunk and he did mention it in his blog that he got drunk because i force him to drink.

Well, i did force him to drink, coz its so damn freaking funny to see him when he is drunk, u guys should really try it one day..HAHAHAHAHA... =P

Below are pictures of all those that happen that day, let me start the cronology of the day...hehe..

The main planner and the accomplice =)

My assistant, Mr Heng Khai Jing

Too damn hyper because i know nic is getting drunk by the night =D

More accomplices, they have to teman nic drink, if not he wont drink de....

Pictures of the whole clan of the night, everybody is well awake, except one sitting at the most top right corner, i think he was 30% drunk by that time..

We Love CHIVAS( that was the main drink that took nic down, down down) xP
So after a while of drinking and chatting and a tinky little bit of forcing by me, this is how nic is gonna look like when he is a DRUNKEN MASTER. XD

Face red macam tomato saje...haha..

I(nicholas) am feeling soooooo HOT...

Lie down already Imba hao still giving him the drink, teruk la imba hao..hahaha =P

I am smilling, but my mind is flying up and down...

Finally "jatuh" dah, aku pun hampir pening dah...

I am sleeping like a red faced piggy... xD
Due to warning by someone, i cant really post about some overated video which nic is interview by us and said a LOT of stuffs, later ppl emo pula, i GG... =)
Finally, i shall thank my accomplice for helping me finishing my task perfectly... haha...

Khai jing the NUMB robot man and xiao qing admiring him...LOL...
WAIT, xq juga sedang admire saya...hahaha.... Imba is so gonna KILLLLLLL me.

-The End-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random post

I am too jobless ady, even though i got finals coming up in 6 days time, so i decided to take some time and upload my blog.

well, this time i got no story to tell, but i wanna show u the transformation of a super cute baby, my niece in stead... hahaha...

so there goes the pictures showing her when she was like 5 months old to 11 months old... enjoy... xD

5 months old jamie girl... =)

11 months old jamie girl

now she looks like an old granny with no tooth....LOLOL... but she is so damn cute... i miss her a lot though, but always no chance go see her de when go back, her mum dont wan bring her back, scare we over sayang her...hahaha... Kidding though... xD -THE END-

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day off to the GYM

Today i woke up quite early for a Sunday morning, the main reason is, to bring someone to the gym after so long of procrastination.. =P

I couldnt imagine how hard it could be to force someone to the gym , but it certainly took me sometime before i could force her to go with me, i mean SOME time, and non stop of msging and please please please...LOL....

So i headed off to ade's hostel to fetch her to Curve for the gym session. You couldnt imagine how pityfull she looked when i first arrive there, her face looks like a 7-year old kid who is her first day of going to primary school.

At first she was reluctant to get in the car, but finally she did also la, cause she promised me dah... xD

But i was so proud of her lo, she actually did 1 hour of cardio exercise, which if i do, i sure GG de...hahaha... So after our gym , we went to Dome for our lunch, i had the 50 bucks coupon stuff, so we decided to eat there la...

Camwhoring in Dome's cafe xD

sakit bahu dah.. =( *sayang balik*

now she looks better after *sayang*

Basically this is what i did for today la, its about 3 am dah today, so i am going to bed now.. nitey nite.. =) i Love u darling.. xD

Sunday, March 15, 2009

some IMBANESS pictures that nic's blog dont have.

ok, here goes the pictures from langkawi, i am too lazy to do the caption, i need to study for finals...LOL... sorry for the inconvenient cause.. enjoy the photos..haha...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A statement which i think my friends would wanna know... XD

Dear friends, hereby me teejay ewe announce that i no longer listed as single anymore...wooooooooot... xD

here i attached a few photos of me and ade(adeline wong) to prove that i am not a GAY, some people really thought i am a gay.... WTF...haha...

The End... !! =)

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the first post since i came back from langkawi, pls forgive me for my laziness, but i would like dedicate this video to someone very important to me... xD

P.s if u dont like it, pls dont see it... xD