Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Night Out

It has been quite some time since i last went to a club and have a drink. So last saturday was a good opportunity as it was mu's birthday and my sister asked me to join her, so since i had nothing to do, so might as well i go la.

Sakai followed me to Opiumm in Jaya One.

We were too bored. :P

I am squeezed between two ladies. xD

Sakai actually danced on the dance floor and she sure has some hidden talent.
After a while, Xiang joined us in Opiumm after his work, so had a few drinks and in the end, try to look at his palm.

Sakai(left), Xiang , and me.

Now look at his face pula, it was so red to the point that he looks like guan gong and he starts to speak in a weird english accent, its so damn funny. xD

Sakai was a bit tipsy too, but she was still sober in the end. I think i didnt get enough booze, but because both of them half gone dah, so had to go back already.

I get the sakai's kiss, how lucky. Hehehehe.... xD

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