Thursday, July 2, 2009

My New "Lan Jiao" Car !!!

I AM BROKE, i am so broke to the point that i am actually changing my car because i couldn't afford the installment that i have to pay every month. =(

But staying in KL requires me at least a car for me to travel to classes in University or other places around KL. So one day i went to a second hand car shop and i found the dream car of my life.

Its a bird, it can fly like nobodies business, that's why they named it NISSAN BLUEBIRD.

First let me show you my previous car, its a SUZUKI SWIFT, which is a very nice car with just one disadvantage, its a little under power with its 1.5 L VVT engine. :(

So i have to change my car to something that will fly, that is my new NISSAN BLUEBIRD. xD


If your a hokkien nang, you should know better what does blue bird translate in hokkien, so its call my " lan jiao" car.

No i am being rude for using some bad language. *pause*

Okla, i admit it, its a bit rude, but don't you think its so cool, with your car named as LAN JIAO car??? hahahahha...

okok, i am being a little bit absurd, i shall stop now. let me show u my new LAN JIAO car.. xD

The "lan jiao" stering.
See see, i am not lying, it really is "lan jiao". hahaha.. =P

The outer look of a "lan jiao"

The front look. xD
After all, its still better than man's penis, right?? At least it doesnt create unnecessary " accidents" when the driver is not carefull when using " it" . hahahahaha...
Cheers. =)

p.s The above are just craps that i created because i was too bored. =) But that car really is a NISSAN BLUEBIRD. Thanks to Nicholas because he was the one who told me i was driving a "lan jiao" car. The car belongs to my cousin brother who borrrowed it to me because i had no car to use. =)

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