Monday, June 8, 2009

The Unsung " MANGO"

After every meal, we would just savour the delight of having a dessert to tantalize our taste bud. Mango is a perfect choice for dessert, because its sweet.

Ok, sometimes its sour, but most of the times its sweet, and who doesnt love sweet stuffs? i like sweet stuffs, but not too sweet of course. *unlike someone who loves super sweet stuffs, later diabetes only u know =P*

There is a dessert shop in bangsar which they took mango as their theme, for food, for yogurt and their name as well. That is why they are known the MANGO MANIA. U go crazy, maniac over mangoes. hahaha.

Located just opposite a bank and just walking distance from bangsar village 2, so its quite convenient after a whole day of shopping, mango mania is quite a good place for hang out or pit stop before u galore around the boutiques there.

Theeee Mango Mania. xD

Though located very strategic at the heart of bangsar village and all other shophouses, there is no business in the shop. Not that its totally empty, but just a very limited amount of customer. Everytime i passed by Mango Mania, its surely empty inside or perhaps just a few tables.

So i decided to try out the ice cream or whatsoever dessert they served there to check out wether it tasted that bad to not have business at all. The most 10 tables a day. O.o

The menu and food they serve. Mango crepe, fish and chips in mango tartar sauce and mango smoothies.
But the one i am gonna recommend is this mango yogurt ice cream. It is really nice and the mango is really tasty. Not too sweet, but jusssssssst NICE.

The mango yogurt that looks like a pile of shit. xD
It cost about rm 9.50 for a serving that size, so its really affordable for the amount of mango they serve and yogurt and its in BANGSAR. =D

The sakai who recommended me this place, if it wasnt for her, i dont think i will try it out. hehe.. xD * world most sakai punya orang whom i love very much*
-The End-

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